Is there a data limit?

I just found out that Flipabit now also can connect to Google Sheets.
I was wondering, are there any data limits?
Other platforms have like 200 - 500 rows of data as a limit, but I could not find this for Flipabit.
It would be nice to know this before I start building something. :slight_smile:
Many thanks for all your replies.

There are no limits from Flipabit. Google limit is 40000 rows, you can also find out about the api limitations of Google here Usage limits  |  Sheets API  |  Google Developers. This may be changed in the future in case of heavy load on our servers. In any case, we will soon publish the source code and a guide for setting up your own Google Sheets API server that you can connect to Flipabit or any other tool.

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Thanks for the reply.
This is way more than what I think I will use.
I will keep an eye on the other thing you mentioned.

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