Live Update not working on Client side

First of all you did a realy good job. I love to work with Flipabit!

I got a problem with Live-Update Service. After i changed the APP and “Build Settings > Live Update > Upload Project” nothing happends on Client side.
Is there any function to implement on the Client side to force the Live Update?

Its funny because the first time i changed the APP it works but after that, nothing…
I activated the Live Update Service in the Cloud like the tutorials describe.

Please help!
Thank You!

Client app on what OS?

I try the APP on Android - i downloaded the apk directly from the cloud

I can confirm this issue. We are already working on this.

I’ll let you know when we fix it.

Ok, thank you.
If i upload the app with live update enabled to the store now, do i need an update in store after you fix it or should it work automatic after fix?

It’s fixed now.

Steps for live update:

  1. Upload the new version of the project by clicking the Upload project button

  2. Then increase the version number

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Works perfectly, thank you!

Now i try to use the live Update on iOs but it doesnt work. On Android it works perfectly. I did the same thing like you describe. I already published the iOs APP in App Store. The new Version can be updated from Store but there is an older Flibabit Version of the APP (From the time i uploaded it to store).

Please help me out here :slight_smile:

You have uploaded the iOS app to the AppStore. This app cannot be updated using the Live Update from Flipabit?

Yes, i uploaded to Apple Store 3 days ago. I did some changes in the app and try to live update but nothing happends. I uploaded the App to Appstore with live updates enabled build.

i cant say if there is a problem on client side or maybe i did something wrong.
I also use the APK from flipabit on android and there live updates work fine (first i upload the project in “live update” tab and then i increase the version number - like you describe in another forum post)
The Android App isnt in the Google Playstore because i got some troubles with keystore :roll_eyes: so i cant test the function from Google Playstore App now…

Can you help me out here? What shall i do?

Thank you!

We are checking this now. I’ll let you know when we fix it.

Hello, any news in this case? if its not working i have to update the app in the store manually in the meantime. Thank you!

This is fixed now. You don’t have to do anything. The update will be performed the next time you run your app.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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