Looping Video again

Hi, I have some isue with video looping. Im trying to make looping BG Ive tried to do it with Video widget, and with Animation widget
Video widget has some isue with blinking between loops (video 30FPS and it is looped)
Animation widget plays video one time and stops (I`ve changed a number of looping, but it still stops after playing once my video)

This is definitely a bug.

Generally for loop playback, it is enough to set the Loop field to 0.

And it works if you press the play button on the widget. But it doesn’t work if you enable the Autoplay or start playback using actions.

It will be fixed in the upcoming release. Thank you for the reporting.

Thanks, for the quick answer, do you have any fast solutions about looping playback? It is very necessary for me on next week

Is your project for Windows?

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