Many crashesin app windows

I have many failures when running my interactive, it gets stuck many times, I change videos to online, adjust details, but the error continues to load. What can it be due to? Double screen 3840 x 1080
Flipabit project

У меня windows 11, Ваш проект работает без ошибок
I have windows 11, your project works without errors

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Возможно проблема в памяти Вашего устройства
There may be a problem with your device’s memory.

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Thanks, problem in exe , i have i7, 16g ram, in differ3nt pc , crash , Windows 10

Running exe, I have ryzen 7, 16gb ram, windows 11

What video card and how much video memory?

And also what is the actual resolution of each screen? 1920x1080 or more?

A possible cause of the crash is page animations, where shaders are heavily used. Here’s a project with page animations disabled and memory usage optimizations. Could you test it for crashes.

If the problem is solved, we will make an alternative implementation of the animations. Otherwise, we continue to search for the cause of the crash.

P.S. You can bring back offline videos. That’s not the problem.

Resolution its 3840 x 1080 , Although in other projects I have used the same video and full hd 1920 and 1080 resolution and it has crashed

Thanks , letme test in this days

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