Maximized Video Widget issues

Hi there,
As stated in the title, videos do not play when maximized or, occasionally, play once and not anymore.
I’am building a very plain presentation for a 4k touch screen monitor with image buttons that, when “released” maximize the corresponding video widget. Every single video widget has the action to “play” when maximized. Correct behaviour happens only one time and occasionally two or three times. After that, when maximized again I have a black widget. I also converted all the videos from WebM to Mp4, slightly lowering the quality (with a low bitrate) to increase performances, but nothing. All the videos are 4K UHD resolution at 30fps for best view on full screen. This is very frustrating.
I cannot share the .pma because it is over 2.9 Gb.
My system: 32gb Ram, Windows 10 pro (last update), Intel core i7, Nvidia Quadro T600, Flipabit (latest version).
And the editor preferences as is:
Immagine 2022-09-25 181757


Could you make a minimal example that reproduces the error so I can test it on my side?

Dear Michael,
a video is worth a thousand words. The original file is very very big.
Keep in mind that the actions on widget videos are very basic. Their position are outside the viewport, they go fullscreen after click on buttons and “stop” play when minimized with component “Minimize button” and its proper actions. That’s all. Nothing more.
I have build a similar but smaller example and seems to work as expected. Really I don’t understand!
If you want take a look…
Also I’m facing frequent crashing of the editor. Uninstalled and clean reinstalled does not solve the problem.
Hope to find a solution, thank you.

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