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Hello I would need to be able to create personalized messages with whatsapp in order to send a pre-established message, depending on what I select, for example if I need a waiter in a certain area I would like after pressing the area to which I want him to go that I generate a pre-set message and that it is sent to the person I pressed

There is no point in posting twice here. The only active moderator and official helper is Daniel. And in the last few months it has only been officially online every 2 to 3 weeks and answers a few questions.
Unfortunately, everything here looks like a one man show. The last official update of this platform was almost a year ago.
If you weren’t one of the lucky ones whose questions were answered yesterday, you’ll unfortunately have to be patient for the next 2 to 3 weeks if nobody else can help you.
At least you have a lot of time to search for answers yourself in the forum or Google.

Edit: lol, I just saw that not Michael , as usual, answered some posts yesterday but Daniel. Maybe he will now have a revival in this forum, so Michael isn’t alone anymore for support.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll try to wait it’s a shame because it’s really a great app

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