MQTT subscription support?

Hi everyone,
I’m doing an IOT application to manage all my smart home automation stuff with a nice dashboard.

My setup is mainly built around MQTT and NodeRed; as “middlewares” between all my connected devices (switches, light bulbs, voice applications, sensors with batteries whom I would like to get alerts when they are approaching EOL, etc…)

I built some APIs for allowing Flipabit interacting with my devices. I can send commands, get them exectued and receive a feedback to display the corresponding status image on Flipabit. (ex: get status of a light switch when I power it ON or OFF)

The problem is that I need to use infitinte loops (repeats) in Flipabit to refresh my dashboard with the latest status of my devices.
Sending the orders and get a synchronous execution feedback through an API is fine when actions are initiated from Flipabit.
But I also need Flipabit to be permanently aware of the status of all my devices to always display an up to date state. (because manual actions can also come externally from Flipabit; so I need my application to be aware of new status resulting from these “external” actions)

Is there something already available that could help me ?
Are there plans to inplement a MQTT client in Flipabit ? (would be great !)
Maybe could I try to “detect” people around the tablet I will run the application on, by using the camera ? Then I could trigger data refresh; whe the user is in front of the tablet. But is that feasible ? I had no uccess when trying to use the camera widget to trigger actions at the moment :confused:

Another not related question: is there a way to have simple shapes (squares, lines, circles, rectangles, triangles, etc…) in Flipabit ?

Thank you very much for your feedback :slight_smile:
Best regards

Hi everyone,
Any news on this question? :slightly_smiling_face:
It seems there is a qt implementation; can it help for adding mqtt support in flipabit?

Maybe is there also a possibility to make flipabit interacting with a mqtt client installed on the device the application will run on ?
Thank you for your help
Best regards

pinging for some feedback please

The only solution is to continuously read the status using HttpRequest:


Thank you for taking some time to answer.

This solution is the one I’m currently using, so it seems I’m using the ideal approach for the moment.

But what about my question about supporting mqtt in flipabit? Is it something feasible?

Thank you
Best regards

We will try to add this in the next version.

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Great news! It would be awesome and I think this would make flipabit even more complete :slightly_smiling_face:
Is there a place where we can track progress of the next version?
Best regards

Can we have some update on implementation of MQTT client ?
Thank you for your help
Best regards

MQTT has been added to the new version, the release will be this month.

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