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Creating a self audit tool using flipabit that I can use to ensure users will be compliant in work. The idea is to test the app then show it to the managers in order to have the app properly developed.

I’m new to this and have started by using one of the templates. What I’m trying to achieve is to add a button, then when pressed, starts a 30 minute timer that repeats. At the end of the 30 minutes, I’m trying to get a message box to appear. I’ve added all those elements together but having trouble getting them to link. The message box for example appears on the page when first opened and I can’t seem to get it to show only when the timer is up.

So it would be something like;

click button, 30 minute timer starts, when timer is up there’s a notification stating a message, user clicks notification away, 30 minute timer restarts, notification appears and so on until

another button is pressed that stops the timer and shows one last image box reminding the user of their final actions on the job.

Finally, is it possible to add a button that resets all of the above to the start so the user can start again on his next job?

Would upload the project as I have it so far but it seems I can’t upload projects.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve sussed it out.

The only thing I’d like a hint in the right direction with is resetting a page so it can be used again. Is that possible? Literally just press a button on the top bar and it will refresh the whole page so it’s back to it’s original state. I can’t seem to find any viable options.


You need to manually set the state of the required objects. For example, stop timers, etc. You can send your project on or share it here, I’ll check it.

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