Picture on Airtable / изображение в Airtable

Изображение в Airtable можно загрузить из Flipabit ?
Или только в виде Base64

Image in Airtable can be added from Flipabit?
Or only as Base64

As far as I know you can’t directly upload image in airtable using api. First you need to upload the file to any cloud storage. Then write a link to this image in the airtable (save URL as text field to table).

It seems that you may need to pass the address of the file in the field and the program will download it itself.
Похоже, что нужно передать адрес файла в поле и программа сама его загрузит.

To create new attachments in foto, set the field value to an array of attachment objects. When creating an attachment, url is required, and filename is optional. Airtable will download the file at the given url and keep its own copy of it. All other attachment object properties will be generated server-side soon afterward.

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