Play a video in two steps, play first half and pause, press play to continue

I need to play a video in two phases,
the user presses a button to start playing,
at a certain position “frame/time” i need to pause video,
user then press again button to continue playing.

All the steps are clear to me the only step missing is how to pause automatically.

In short I do not know how to script the pause at certain position of the video.

Is it possible?

Interesting task, and I found a solution that works for me so far. I am sure there is a smarter code version.

VideoPauseAt.pma (8.7 KB)
(I removed the video for filesize reasons)

Hi DjangoLaunchpad,
great piece of software, many thanks for your application.
A little question anymore, position [time] is only expressed in seconds?
No way to set in msecs or frames?

Sorry, I don‘t know. Maybe Michael can help here. My first Task was to use a timer, but I failed,because it didn‘t start exactly enough and had a big delay

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