Problem with widget sizes

The third time I try to make a weather application according to the instructions, the sizes of the elements constantly change after saving, when trying to return everything as it was, such a circus begins. I like your app, but I can’t figure out what the problem is.

The size of the group connected to the table is equal to the size of the table. In other words, the connected group fills the entire space of the table. You can’t change the size of this group, you can only change the contents of this group. The connected group will resize when the parent table is resized.

In the new version, manual resizing of the connected group will be disabled.

Indeed, there is another bug that when the parent group is resized, the children randomly change their size. This will be fixed soon.

The problem is that everything was set up, everything is fine, but after saving, the size of the group spontaneously changed (the height decreased), when trying to increase it to its original size (both by dragging and entering a number) it was not possible to save her. Since this is not the first time I decided to record a video. Once again, I liked flipabit the most of the low-code solutions, I would like to study it and work on a paid tariff, but incomprehensible problems scare me.

Yes. There is a bug that when the parent group is resized or after project restart, the children randomly change their size. This will be fixed soon.

Important: when saving a project, some geometry-position and geometry-size are not saved. Instead of indenting the margin, it is saved

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