Push notifications / push уведомления

Does your program work with push notifications?
Работает ли Ваша программа с push уведомлениями?

Here is how to setup Push notifications:

thank you very much
большое спасибо

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I’ve followed the tutorial but can I create push notifications if the user clicks a certain button or a notifcation 5 minute before a specific time/date?

Notifications are initiated on the server side (Firebase Database). For example, a user has published a new post and then notifications are sent to his subscribers.

Or do you need local notifications that only that user will see?

Local notifications please which the user will see.

Local notifications are not supported. Notifications only work through Firebase.

If you describe the task in detail, I can find a suitable example.

I would like to set reminders in app based on different times (e.g. when it is 16:00 a notification pings to the user saying “Do X”) or different actions (e.g. when the user clicks a button a notification is sent 5 mins later saying “X enabled”).

Hope that makes sense!

If you are making an android application you can use the alarm clock. Then at the appointed time there will be a sound signal and a message.

I am making an IOS app is there something similar?

For iOS, you now need to use firebase to send a notification. In the next version, we will add local notifications.

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looking for local notifications for ios too! may I know when the next version will be out?

would it be possible to share how to use firebase push notifications to schedule the reminders using the realtime database? like in the database i have the time when the app should push the notification

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