Qml code stops working on ios

Unfortunately, one of my most important codes suddenly stopped working on my IPhone 8. This is still working within the editor and windows10 preview:

import QtQuick 2.5
import QtQuick.Dialogs 1.0

Item {
Connections {
target: document.childByName(“Text Path”).scriptAdaptor
onEventItemClicked: {
fileDialog.visible = true
FileDialog {
id: fileDialog
nameFilters: ["*.mp3; *.wav"]
title: qsTr(“Please Choose %1”).arg(dialogText)
//selectFolder: true
folder: shortcuts.home
onAccepted: {
document.childByName(“Text Path”).content.text = ("" + fileDialog.fileUrls)
//document.childByName(“Audio 1”).content.audioFile = “Text 1”
onRejected: {



Possible reasons for me are:

  1. the latest ios 16.4.1 Update that isn’t maybe compatible anymore with the flipabit qt version ( FileDialog class)
  2. Recently I had to start a new beta testing period in Testflight. Maybe something went wrong there.
    Any help welcome!

I tested this issue on the previous ios version of my Iphone 7 ( ios 15.7.3) and I found the same errors with Testflight:

  • most of the qml codes don’t work anymore.
  • some normal actions like “open page” don’t work anymore and I believe there are some more bugs.
    So all in all I came to the conclusion that there is some incompatibility with the last Testflight version 3.3.1 ( Update 3 weeks ago) and this is not a bug within flipabit. I hope there will be some way to fix these bugs.

Edit 13.05.23:
Here is an example of the bugs I found while testing with Testflight:
This Testapp includes:

  • open file dialog and select folder
  • open file dialog and select file
  • change page (simple action)
    Maybe someone would like to test these bugs on their system
    bugTest.pma (8.7 KB)

PS: In Android the Filedialog does not work anyway :confused:

So no answer since 3 weeks. All My projects get stopped to this matters. Sorry to say, but this is a poor support here on flipabit😕

As the Flipabit developer promised, access to audio files will be implemented in the new version
Как обещал разработчик Flipabit доступ к аудио файлам будет реализован в новой версии

Fixed TestFlight version will be released in few hours.

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