Reverse Engineer Android APK

I have an app that works on my phone, but the online version of it on my PC does not.
I need to make some changes to the app.
Can I reverse engineer the APK back to something on my PC?

This question does not apply to Flipabit.

You can open the APK file (using Analyze APK in Android Studio) to see what resources or libraries are used in the application.

The app on my phone is a Flipabit app. I created it probably over a year ago and am finally getting around to finishing it. The Flipabit project on my laptop somehow got corrupted so it doesn’t work properly. I need to make some changes but cannot make them until I get the PC version working again.
You helped me immensely in the past and I hope you can do so now.
Doug Weir

Since it appears that I cannot reverse engineer my app, I am now trying to use what I have on my pc and get it back to doing what the app does on my phone.
I have some issues…

  1. When I chose an item from my Product table, it is supposed to show the product details in the 2nd screen (Product Detail). It goes to the next screen, but the product showing is always the 1st one.
  2. i want the product listing table to be non-clickable until I click on “Start” button.
    I know I asked about these issues previously, but I cannot find the responses and cannot remember exactly what I did before.
    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.
    Doug Weir

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