Run app issues different from preview

I’m creating a health and fitness app that includes a build a meal page. The user can build their meal from recipes they select in the app. I’m having a problem with the meal plan showing up for all users when I run the app. It works in the preview, but not when I run the app. For example if you run the app and login using email [email protected] with password of 456 and select meal plan it works but it doesn’t work if you login in with [email protected] with password 1234 and select meal plan. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The project is attached at the bottom.

Thank you in advance.

HealthyandFitrecipes2.flp (6.1 MB)

Видимо потому, что у Вас имеется привязка к пользователю
Apparently because you have a connection to the user

Thank you. It is working.

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