Run on device misleading

I looked on a tutorial called “Run on Device”. It says to go to Export>Export to mobile.
My version of Flipabit does NOT have an export option on the file menu.
Also, it shows a window with the heading “Pro MulitTouch Designer”. WHAT IS THAT?
Then I selected the “Run” menu option. A window popped up that says “how to connect to device”. I selected the link “How to connect to your device” and the page is NOT FOUND.

How is this supposed to be helpful?

To preview your project on device:

  1. Install companion app for Android or iOS
  2. Run companion app
  3. In Flipabit Editor select Run and then select your device

To build your project follow this tutorial Build Your First App With Flipabit - YouTube

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Thanks. I was able to build my app.
Still working on it, but it was good to see it on my phone

I have another question.
I have a button to send the data to another person, but only want that button active if there are items in my google sheet. Can I determine if the “table” is empty (dount the entries) and not show the button, or alternatively, determine if the table is empty and NOT send if that is true?

Check this topic How to determine whether a table is empty or not

Awesome. It worked!

Good day Michael,

Where can I download the companion app in iOS? the link you provided redirect to Join the Flipabit beta - TestFlight - Apple
I want to test the app run to iphone device.


Just follow the link and install the TestFlight App

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