Running multiple instance of Flipabit

Just wondering if its possible to add support for running multiple instances of Flipabit ?
Also will there be a Linux version of Flipabit?

Could you describe in more detail:

We are planning to add linux support in the future. No exact dates yet

Example : If i need to open two projects at the same time in two different windows side by side.
two instances of same exe application , say you can run multiple firefox browsers at the same time.

We will add this in the future


Hi Michael,

Hope you’re well ! Was just wondering if there was an update to this, running multiple instances of flipabit is very useful, as sometimes, we have to look at something in one presentation to replicate it to another. Also, it would be great in this case if content can be copied between opened instances.


Right now you can use the Import function to add a widget or a whole page from another project.

Select File > Import

Select widget or page and click Add item or simply drag it into Navigator


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