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Hello again.
For reasons of convenience of the users, I am trying to put a search box in my project where the end user will type the surname of a collegue and that would trigger the filtering of a table that there is in the same page so as to show only the certain collegue.
I have to mention that the table field with the collegues doesn’t only contain surnames but it has the form of “surname / day”, so I suppose the filtering must be somehow adjusted to be based on the surname in the search box.
I hope this all makes sense!
Could you please guide me to achieve this?
Thanks a lot.

As I was trying to make it work, I tried an example that I found on the internet.
It didn’t work, but I think I am pretty close.
If only someone could point me to the right direction…

In the code section of the Arguments tab, while trying to set up a script code, I entered the following line: “select * from data where \n"ΚΑΘΗΓΗΤΗΣ/ΗΜΕΡΑ” LIKE ‘%" + document.childByName(“TextField 3”).content.text + "%’ "
But when I write a name the table goes blank.
What am I doing wrong?

No need to bother you.
After quite experimentation, I finally got it working.

Unfortunately I was in a hurry to celebrate.
The table gets filtered after inputting a name in the search box, but when I try to enter a second name the table goes blank.
Could you please help me out?
I am uploading an image from the project to help you understand - possibly - the steps I took.Τεστ2

прикрепите проект
attach the project

Thanks for the reply Vliadimir. Keep in mind that the project is in Greek. If there is a problem, I 'll be happy to explain anything.

загрузите сам проект, изображения не помогут.
upload the project, pictures won’t help.

Some extra pictures…

I can’t find how to upload the actual project, so I am giving you the link to the file.

In case there is something wrong with the virtual database.
myproject_5.flp (52.0 KB)

myproject_5.flp (52.0 KB)

Sorry for the delay Vladimir.
Thanks a lot for your help. It’s working fine!

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