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May I know how can I pick up the corresponding data when a user select from a Listview (input control) by using the Argument Type (property or script code)?

Thank you.

Can you provide more details on what you are trying to do?

Hello !

I could be interessed in too ! :slightly_smiling_face:

In my case, I have 2 possibilities :

  1. For exemple, I have a listview with différents items (single, couple, married). I would like too save one of these item into my database if I select one.
    ➝ Magali / 20 years / couple.
    ➝ Tao / 35 years / single.
    ➝ Emmanuelle 10 years / single.
    ➝ …

  2. How could I see item from a database if I link the database to the listview ? For example :
    ➝ Database “kind of”. Items 1. “start” / 2. “meal” / 3. “dessert”.
    Could I see these options into a listview to choose for a receipe ? Or Do I need to enter items manually in the listview (without using the database) ?

Thank you so much for your answer. And my apologize for my english it’s not as good as before. I hope you’ll understand. Otherwise I’ll precise details. :pray:

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