Set timeout does not work

Hello, i have the following code execute to hide a group after 3000 ms.
In action editor: When a key or button is pressed --> project --> execute:

function () {
setTimeout(function(){ document.childByName(“Group 72”).scriptAdaptor.actionHide(); }, 3000);

But i think Flipabit does not support timeout function.

Any alternative?

setTimeout() of javascript doesn’t work in QML.

For Actions Editor:

Or for Code Editor:

import QtQuick 2.5

Item {
    Connections {
        target: document.childByName("Button 1").scriptAdaptor
        onEventItemClicked: {
    Timer {
        id: timer
        interval: 3000
        onTriggered: document.childByName("Group 1").scriptAdaptor.actionHide()

Wow. You always helpful.

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