Some noob questions?

Hello! I want to create a very simple mobile app called “sos-button” for myself and my loved ones. It will not be a commercial app and will have only a couple of buttons. The first button, when pressed, will send a sound signal and my geolocation with a link to a map to the designated numbers. This will be repeated every minute for, say, 15 minutes, or until the same button is pressed again to turn off the app. The second button will allow me to add or remove the numbers of the people who should receive the signal and geolocation. Can you please tell me if it is possible to implement such an app using Flipabit if I have no programming knowledge? Maybe someone can help me or give me some advice on where to start?

It’s easy to do, except that you can’t play sound on another phone if the app is closed there. You can send a notification or sms to let the user know that a geolocation has been sent, then the user must open the application and see a link to the map there. Perhaps for your task it is better to make a call to the specified phone in order to attract attention. You can make a call and send SMS using the paid Twilio service

Thank you for answering me, I thought I was asking such stupid questions that nobody would even bother to reply :slight_smile: Actually, I am interested in exactly the simple functionality that you are talking about. To simply send an SMS notification with some text and location to a list of specified numbers. I would be very grateful if you could point me to where I can read instructions for creating this application on your platform?

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