String operations --manual?

Is there any manual for flipabit? Ok…widgedts are quite clear but even they needs a lot of explanation. What about other language fundamentals?
I am coping with string operations. With httprequest I get a string (actually a CSV string) but when I try to separate it to parts (or check if it includes some data) I can’t find method… Is there any easier solution?
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У программы множество вариантов управления строками, покажите, что Вас интересует
The program has many options for managing strings, show what interests you

I store value into text field. Then I would like to check if string contains some separators…like “;” and move text between separators to another text field. I would also like convert third sign of string into ascii value.

test.flp (6.3 KB)

import QtQuick 2.5 

Item {
    id: simbb
    property string thirdSymbol:""
    property string asciiCode:""
    property string text: document.childByName("Text 1").content.text
    Connections { 
        target: document.childByName("Button").scriptAdaptor 
        onEventItemPressed: {
         thirdSymbol = text.charAt(2);
         asciiCode = thirdSymbol.charCodeAt(0);
         document.childByName("Text 1").content.text = text.substring(0, 2) + asciiCode + text.substring(3);

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