Submitting to App Store Questions- Can I hire?

I am going out of my mind. Hours and hours of looking for an answer. I am new to this and need to upload another version of the app to the App Store since I have made many changes to the app.

  1. The app was created by someone else. The reason the original was rejected was functionality which I made the changes to make Apple happy.
  2. I did the build and it does not go to test flight. The check box is checked but it doesn’t show up.
  3. Does it need to go to test flight to get it on Apple Connect?
  4. If not how do I get the app in Flipabit on to the Apple Connect? There is no Export choice under File in Flipabit. The page in the instructions is not longer available. “0. If you haven’t already, read our guide on exporting your app for iOS.”
  5. I am attempting to create a new bundle in Apple Connect because instructions on the forum said I had to delete the old rejected and can’t use that bundle anymore.
  6. Even if I do this how do I get it to recognize a new version number?

Because there is so much I don’t know and I am in a time crunch, who would I hire to get the app from Flipabit to the App Store?

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