Sum of points when clicking

I would like to create a counter that when you press the a button, add 5 points to the score, when you press the b button, add 3 points and when you press the 3 button, add 1 point. It’s possible?

It’s easy. You need to use Arithmetic action with Number widget:


Check the example arithmetic.pma (6.0 KB)

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that’s exactly what i wanted, wow, great.

is it possible to save the result every time the button is pressed or with some additional button? in txt?

Here is how to save score number to text file:


The file is created in the documents folder.

See the example arithmetic_save.pma (6.2 KB)

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Thanks, If I want to put a button, where if it is a value greater than 10 send to page 3 and if it is less than 10 send to page 2, can you put the value in the send button?

First put the value to a number variabel and then open the Pages with an if condition: e.g
if number greater than 10 open page 2.

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