Sum of the values on table

Hello Everybody;
Is it possible to see the sum of the values of filtered table on a text?

Ex,On field3 there is 10 values.I want to sum of them on a text

Thanks in advance

Any ideas?It is important for my project.

I too want to know this. I have a timesheet with hours from google sheets. would love to know how to make this happen. I believe with sql it can be done but not sure how to apply it to one text that dynamically changes with the filter is updated.

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Describe in more detail, I can not understand this phrase

Foe example there is 3 lines on a filtered table.So on field1 there is theee values.

I want to sum all three values and write a text.

I want to see the total of that 3 values

I will start my own thread so you are not answering 2 questions at once.

test.pma (19.5 KB)

Thank you very much very useful informations

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