Tabbed content on ONE page


maybe a strange question, but you never know if this can be done in Flipabit.

I would like to have “tabbed content” on ONE page of my app, containing 5 tabs and one main textarea (and some other widgets).
Data is stored in 5 different columns in a Google Sheet, let’s say col1, col2, col3, col4, col5.
Depending on the choosen tab, the main textarea on that page should display the content of the corresponding column of that record.

I tried some “database actions”, but cannot find the correct one.

Any help is appreciated !


everything is ingeniously simple
TEST.pma (128.9 KB)

and you are ingeniously smart. Thanks.
Any suggestion if I want the buttons grayed when not active and colored when active?



I know it has to be done there and I tried.
But setting the fill-color / normal to gray and the fill-color / pressed to orange, just colorizes the button in orange so long the button is pressed.
I would like to have he “pressed-fill-color” when the tab is active and… have it grayed (= fill-color / normal) again when another button is choosen.

I think I will need multiple actions (but how?).
Maybe a suggestion for a next version of Flipabit to have styles for buttons when “active” / “not-active”
Or do I forget something?


Это я неправильно понял Вас
I misunderstood you
TEST_2.pma (129.0 KB)

but now you got it :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping and the pma-file to explore the action-settings!

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