Table- changing remote database

And another problem:(
I have created table connected to csv file on remote server. Then I read values with text widgets. Problem arises when I want to use same table for data from another file. I hange “set database url” property. Table fires propery “changed” but values in table don’t change and when I try to change row ID, all text fields read data from “old” table…
How can I change data file while program is running?
thanks in advance

testCSV.flp (19.2 KB)

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Thanks again. Your help is extraordinary. As I understand you are not member of flipabit crew? So your help is even grater. I have tried to expand your example with more buttons, so that each opens different data file. But it seems that buttons, although they are copied, do not work always. And it also seems that if i set database with button, change also effects settings in flp file? Am I correct?
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В программе есть ошибка из-за которой кнопки могут переставать работать, команда flipabit должна ее исправить.
Покажите, что именно Вы хотели сделать.

There is a bug in the program due to which the buttons may stop working, the flipabit command should fix it.
Show what exactly you wanted to do.

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