Textarea values step-by-step

I have textarea in Flipabit page.
The user enters values in a column in the textarea.
Further, when the “save” button is clicked, I need to go through all these values step-by-step.
How to do it with script or action?
I didn’t find a solution…

What to do with each value? It depends on how simple the solution will be.

The following example text_concatenation.pma (6.8 KB) merges text fields in two ways: using actions and using script.

No, in this example you are working with fields of type “TextField”.
Yes, I can get data from them with the document.childByName(“TextField 1”) command.

My question was about something else - working with a field of type “TextArea”.
For example 10 lines in this field, and I need to go through 10 lines and execute the script with each value from “TextArea”.
I didn’t find any examples of “loop” how I can do it.

У компонента TEXTAREA нет функции “lineCount”
The TEXTAREA component does not have a “lineCount” function

Isn’t it possible to convert the text from Textarea to array?
And afrer step-by-step use the values from this array?

Не знаю, нужно дождаться Майкла, он подскажет
I don’t know, you need to wait for Michael, he will tell you

Here is the example multiline_script.pma (6.1 KB)

It works :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Indeed, this multline_script.pma works, but where can I find the script (actions) ?


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