The app screen goes white

Why does the app screen goes white or freezes when switching to another window and return in “Windows”
and I have to click on any element of an input in the app to make it apear again.
Is it a matter of a GPU problem or is there an action for the project to Refresh

Are you talking about lag and freezes in Flipabit itself running on a windows pc? We need a lot more info to help.

Yes, in windows pc.
When I preview my project in full screen and swich to another window like a folder or desktop and come back to my Flipabit project window (Which is in Fullscreen), some elements disappear. They only appear back when I click on any element that has an input, like a field or button. but unfortunately you can’t remember their position so you only left with guess clicking everywhere on the screen hoping to click on one.
in another word (The app doesn’t refresh it’s self when it’s in focus)

Can you make a screen recording showing the error?

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