Visitor survey via email

Hello, I would like to create an application

  • Vote on one of the three emoticons (Great - Enough - Poor)
  • Write a comment
  • Enter your email
  • Ship to an email specified by me
  • Receive emoticons chosen, the comment and the visitor’s email.
    do you already have an example?
    thank you

Can someone help me?

Here is an example using Mailgun:

  1. Register here and activate your account. It’s free.
  2. Download example email_survey.pma (934.6 KB)
  3. Enter your credentials for mailgun:

Link to full image

If you do not receive messages within a few minutes, check your Spam and Updates folders if you are using gmail.


Very nice, how can i add a virtual keyboard on txt box?

Here is the example with a keyboard email_survey_keyboard.pma (51.8 KB)

Excellent thank you =) :+1:

Is it possible that without internet it can be saved in txt or in excel? in a local PC?

I made a offline register, how can i block send buttom, if have a blank fields?offlineregister.pma (220.3 KB)

One of the solutions is the following. When changing any text field, you need to check the text length of all text fields. If the text length is greater than 0 (this can be any length, not only 0), the numeric value (you can use the number widget for this) is increased by 1. If the number becomes 4 (the number of text fields), then the check has passed and you can enable the save button.

  1. Set Save button disabled by default


  1. Add a helper button widget for which the click will be simulated when the text changes


  1. When this button is clicked, you need first set the value of the numeric widget to 0, and then increase it by 1 if the text length is greater than 0.


The condition is set on the corresponding tab of the action editor:

  1. Every time the number widget is changed, the save button is enabled if the number is equal to 4 or disabled if it is not equal to 4


Here is the modified project offlineregister_modified.pma (221.0 KB)

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