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Hey I hope someone can help. I am a Volunteer at my local charity and I am needing help with a page on my app. We are looking to add a dates page like the photo I have attached. We will need to be able to update it in case of any last minute changes.
Can anyone help, I have attached a photo of what I would like it to look like.

The calendar does not currently support this layout.

Ok, I am trying to testflight my app but its saying the beta is currently full. Can you please help and supply me with a code which is working?

Try this option
Попробуйте такой вариант
test.pma (30.8 KB)

Unfortunately, I can’t create a search by several parameters at once.
к сожалению я не умею создавать поиск сразу по нескольким параметрам

Thanks, do you have a code to get testflight to work.

I don’t use testflight

Oh Right, what do you use?

I work with windows and android

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