Which database to use

I am working on an app that the data being entered will only ever be unique to that user. If I am correct, the system uses a sqlite database for local storage. I think firebase is overkill, as there will be no need to login as, again the data is unique to that user. For the security of the app, yes login will be there. Problem is, the data being entered uses a photo field taken from the user capturing information particular to that record. I can’t find info on storing photos in the sqlite db with flipabit. I have tried different ways but, to no avail. Which leads me to look at firebase. Michael, you seem to be the go to guy here…what are your thoughts.


It’s easy. You can convert image to base64 and save it as text into db.


Here is the example: save_image_to_db.pma (2.6 MB)

Click Convert and then click Save to db.

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