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Happy Flipabit Forum is On again.
I have a developer subscription plan.

I cannot change the App ico for Windows. On Publish tab, I can only select the MAC .icns, but no windows .ico.

May anyone help me?

Unfortunately it is impossible to change the icon for windows in Flipabit.

You can do it with other tools like:

Hey @Michael .

I used exactly that App you mentioned and Worked.

Please let us Know if it is necessary to keep All files like the uninstall.exe and the uninstall.bat since they dont work and open the Cyberlink App.

To make your own installer:

  1. Extract your .exe project into a folder using 7-Zip.
  2. Make an installer by specifying this folder for installer app like Inno Setup

In the future we will add this feature to the Flipabit as well as support for icons for windows.

Thanks @Michael.
I used NSIS and its great too.

Is there a possibility that in the near future Flipabit will export to WEbOS and Tizen TVs? I need to add My App to Smart TV.

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