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Can anyone give me pointers on how to work with API’s in flipabit. I’ve worked with API’s on other platforms but cant seem to find how to do it in flipabit - what module to use, where to enter the url, keys, body, etc.

Also could not find any guides on the flipabit site as well regarding how to setup API’s.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Flipabit API allows you to write code instead of using an Action Editor.

For example, to change text on button click:

Using Action Editor:

Same action using API:

import QtQuick 2.12

Item {
   Connections {
      target: document.childByName("First button").scriptAdaptor
      onEventItemClicked: {
          document.childByName("Page title").content.scriptAdaptor.actionSetText("Profile")

Could you explain what you are trying to do?

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply, what I’m trying to do is push entries from a form in flipabit to an online CRM using this Object-Based POST


Here is the video tutorial:

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Thank you Michael for putting this together, I really appreciate the trouble you took. Can I please ask you for one more thing related to this ?

In the POST section, for the individual fields (company name, etc), you entered the code into the Data section of the http request (video timeline 7:33). Instead of this can the field values go from text entry fields instead. For. eg. a form is created in the app where users can add the company name, etc. and then once the submit is clicked all the respective fields are sent.


Sorry for the delay. Here is the quick video (link to download):

Project file:
rest_api_knack_textfield.pma (22.0 KB)

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thank you michael, really appreciate all the trouble you took to put this together. thank you. I can see myself using flipabit more now, just need to find the other integrations that we used in our previous platform for example saving entries into a local excel sheet. look forward to some exciting development with flipabit… :smiley:

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