Working with the database Firebase realtime

I have a realtime database that has a table of users (example in the screenshot).
How can I add records to this table in the form: id, login, password, name, date of birth; which are taken from text fields?

You can work with the Firebase Database in two ways:

  1. Using a Table widget
  2. Using Rest Api (Installation & Setup for REST API  |  Firebase)

Here is the quick video (detailed tutorial coming soon…):

Please note that the rules for reading and writing must be changed before publishing the application.

hi just a related question. How to show a dtabase ? example a leaderboard is saved in firebase.
How to fetch and show the content? @Michael

Please check the following videos:

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Social App 2 | Adding New Post

Social App 3 | Adding Like/Unlike button

Social App 4 | Reading and Writing Comments

sample data.json

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