Zoomable pages in android app

I am currently working on a project comprised of multiple pages, each containing a combination of text and images grouped in a scrollable GROUP. My aim is to enable two-finger zoom functionality within each page’s group, akin to platforms such as Wikipedia or similar applications. While I’ve seen the solutions for enabling zoom at the widget level in the Flipabit FAQ zone, I am encountering challenges implementing this feature at a “group” level.
Could I be overlooking certain parameters? What considerations should I take into account when configuring the group for zoom functionality?
I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights anyone can provide. Thank you in advance for your help.

It is not clear how the scrollable group will be zoomed. Do you have a video example of what it looks like?

Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for considering my issue. What I wish for is that the “group” at the center of the phone screen is zoomable with two fingers. The group is made of text and figures. The creation of the “group” stems from the fact that on the page, I would like a navigation bar to appear at the top and a button at the bottom, which should not move.
Here is a link to a brief project draft consisting of 2 pages, (LINK) allowing you to visualize my preferences. Could you kindly advise on how I can parameterize the project / the pages/ the groups… so that the central “group” can be zoomed as a unified entity? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Dear Michael,
Here a screen recording of a wikipedia page, with scrolling and zooming with my two fingers…
Thank you for you help.

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