Launching flipabit files

Is there a way to launch another flibabit file/presentation from a ‘main’ one - like having a main menu and launching seperate files from it that can be closed and you will see the main menu file running underneath?

Yes it is possible. Are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m on Windows 10 - i take it its not going to be a ‘pretty’ transition though? or is there a way to make the incoming file launched to ‘preload’ or have a splash screen or something?

Cold start time (for the first time on this machine) will depend on the file size. During this time, the user will see a themed splash screen. For example, it takes about 15 seconds to open a 1.5Gb project.

The second time the application opens immediately.

Just wanted to clarify that I’m planning to develop for a 75 inch 4K touchscreen

When you say themed splash screen - can I theme it?

also - what would be my best ‘route’ to learning how to use flibabit - I’m a graphic designer with ‘some’ experience with flash in the past, but not much.

Sure. It’s a 512x512 image.


4K is OK.

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where could i learn how to launch flibabit files from within flipabit - is this covered somewhere in the docs?
The video tuts are for a version of flipabit that is not current - what would you recommend for learning this software

New tutorials will be available soon.

If you provide your design and description, I can help you to start. Or you can provide similar app.

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I will mock up something that would give you idea - its for an interactive ‘timeline’ of events over a 30 year period - with approx 35 events on the timeline. I hoped that on screen would be maybe 7 events at once.
The full timeline would be draggable left and right - and each ‘event’ date clicked would trigger further pages with info about the event - this is very ‘sketchy’ idea so far

Also, I hoped to link the background image to scroll along with the timeline, but not so fast, as to create a kind of parallax effect [ 3d layer type thing ???]

I would be developing the interface images as separate png images - it would be nice to have a eased effect after the timeline has been ‘swiped’ left or right, so that it doesnt stop abruptly. All these things I don’t know how to achieve . . . . yet!

I’m about to leave the office for today - will be looking into this further potentially tomorrow, and next week - Im in Scotland, so thats GMT timezone

thanks for help BTW :slight_smile:

“If you provide your design and description, I can help you to start”

Yes I very much would like your help to start out on this :slight_smile: if possible

Here is a short video tutorial: Link to video

Sample project from the video: scroll.pma (297.1 KB)

I’ll send you an example with parallax later.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Ive been working at it today - figured out how to use checkbox image buttons to start and stop actions - i will study what you’ve done - thanks

Michael - thats excellent! very very helpful - it gives me a good start! I like that the page can scroll along with many objects on it - i was trying to achieve this with a few pages and swiping between them - but this is MUCH better!! paralax will be the icing on the cake :smiley:

You should definitely do more tutorials like this - showing useful, simple examples of what can be done. I understand that a WHOLE LOT MORE can be done, full apps for many platforms. As I’m developing for a couple of in-house touchscreens, its mainly a professional looking large visual design [to display information], with nice interactivity and animation, that i want to learn for.
I really appreciate the time you’ve given to help.
Will there ever be an option to buy a permanent licence for the software, or is that not in the ‘plan’?

One thing that I have discovered about the scrolling ‘group’ feature - there is a limit to the distance you can group things - so my idea of 35 events will not fit in to the available length, if I space them out as I want to. Is there something that can be done to overcome this limitation?
2020-09-07_10-08-34 2020-09-07_09-54-15

This is how it’s progressing . . . hoping that parallax isn’t too complicated!
Also, I noticed that there are a number of different page transition effects - I wondered, how are these achieved? Is there any way to add to the built-in effects? I noticed that the shatter effect looked like it was based on a video file somehow?? would i be right ? If so, could I create other effects ?

It’s fixed in the new version. Here is the beta:

Or you can use the List Layout:

Will there ever be an option to buy a permanent licence for the software, or is that not in the ‘plan’?

The perpetual license costs $654.

For the first two years, the perpetual license also entitles you to download all updates to the Flipabit. After the two-year period ends, you can choose to remain with the last version downloaded or to purchase an update, for 20% of the license price.

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Just replace the files in the transitions folder:


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