Using If condition "table includes"


I have one text and one table.I want to use an if condition statement

I want to get an warning if table includes, text’s content.(when pressed a button)

Any idea?

Thanks for your help

You can filter data by text query. And then check whether there are records in the table or not. If there are records, then the text is contained in the table and a warning can be shown.

Check the example check_tabledata.pma (20.9 KB)


Thanks for answer.

Can ve do double filter to the table?Is it possible?I tried by adding 2 filter data actions but it doesnt work i guess.

This is already added in the upcoming version

When will be published?Have any plan?

It will be released within a month.

Right now you can use Sql filter action to apply multiple filters:


thanks but i think i misunderstood.

I want to make one filter due to text1 for field1, the other filter due to text2 for field2.It has to work same time
When i try to make it by 2 action filter data,it works on first try but it breaks down.Starts to filter only one of them

Text1 name is= Ürün adı
Text2 name is= Kullanıcı adı
Field1 name is= ürün adı
Field2 name is= kullanıcı adı

kullanıcı adı=Kullanıcı adı AND ürün adı=Ürün adı ???Doesnt work

SELECT * FROM data WHERE “kullanıcı adı” = ‘Kullanıcı adı’ AND “ürün adı” = ‘ürün adı’ LIMIT 0, -1

sorry but it doesnt work.

There is space between words.Does it make problem?

I will send the pictures of the texts and fields


Here is an authorization example, it uses two values at once
Вот пример авторизации, он использует сразу два значения

Log In Screen _ test.pma (7.8 MB)
SELECT * FROM data WHERE \"login\" = '"+document.childByName("Username").content.text+"' AND \"password\" = '"+document.childByName("Password").content.text+"' LIMIT 0, -1

is it possible to build a SQL to filter the “data” from one database-table based on criteria from another database-table based on a search-field?
How can I change the WHERE clause in this SQL if field2 and field7 are in another database?

"select * from data where \
field2 LIKE '%" + document.childByName("Text Search").content.text + "%' \
OR field7 LIKE '%" + document.childByName("Text Search").content.text + "%' \
SELECT * FROM data WHERE \"NameOne\" ='"+document.childByName("Data2_1").content.currentTableText+"' AND \"NameTwo\" = '"+document.childByName("Data2_2").content.currentTableText+"' LIMIT 0, -1

SELECT * FROM data WHERE \"NameOne\" LIKE '%"+document.childByName("Data2_1").content.currentTableText+"%' AND \"NameTwo\" LIKE '%"+document.childByName("Data2_2").content.currentTableText+"%' LIMIT 0, -1

Thanks for the quick reply and I will take a closer look at it next week.

I created a simple pma with your data-tables and some explication how I want to filter.

filter_by_second_database.pma (32.0 KB)

In my real project, Data1 contains more fields, but has one field in common with Data2, like in this example

SELECT * FROM data WHERE \"NameThree\" LIKE '%"+document.childByName("TextField 1").content.text+"%' OR \"NameThree\" = '"+document.childByName("TextField 1").content.text+"'LIMIT 0, -1

filter_by_second_database.pma (1.4 MB)


thanks for the help. Not really as I wanted (= 2 separate databases for search and result), but it will be useful for another part of my project.


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